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Wrenching Essentials—This Metric Universal Socket Set Is on Sale Now

A universal socket set — designed to give mechanics and DIYers the ability to approach nuts and bolts from an angle as needed—can make or break your afternoon of automotive tinkering. Those who’ve dabbled in compact engine bays will attest, you’d be surprised how many times you just don’t get quite enough space to access a particular fastener with a conventional wrench or ratchet/socket combo. A set like this isn’t necessarily the first thing to add to your tool kit, but once you’ve acquired the basics it’s a good direction to go in; especially when you come across a sale like this one.

Marked down by 62% ($71.23), this Sunex set covers your smaller metric sizes from 5 to 15mm, and it’s rated for use with impact tools, making it a solid pairing with the Milwaukee cordless impact tool kit we featured earlier this month. Odds are you could find a cheaper no-name set out there, but experience has proven that at the bottom end of the scale, the swivel joints in sockets like this will be prone to premature failure. An impact set on the other hand is the kind of thing you won’t need to replace again any time soon, so long as you don’t misplace anything during your repair projects.

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