Looking for Halloween ideas? Check out these best Funny Halloween Costumes

5 of the Best Funny Halloween Costumes You Should Wear To Your Next Party

If you like to make people laugh more than you like to make them scream, these funny Halloween costumes will definitely be the talk of the party.

There are several kinds of people who venture out to Halloween parties: we have the men and women who like to dress up in couples costumes (ie: bacon and eggs, nut and bolt, etc), the bachelors/single ladies dressing their best, those who live to strike fear into the hearts of others and…the funny guys and gals. The latter part are arguably the most entertaining, as you can never expect what they’ll dress up in next! If you’re looking for your next gut-wrenchingly funny getup to wear to this year’s spooky bash, here are some great costumes to keep in mind

Surf’s Up!

Lovers of “Jaws” or “Sharknado” will get a kick out of this costume featuring a buff surfer dude getting gobbles up by a voracious great white shark with blood-red eyes! The costume even comes with its own pair of goggles to complete the outfit (you’re on your own with the sandals, though).

Beer Keg

What better thing to dress up as for Halloween than your favorite alcoholic libation! Not only will this keg costume bring you all the attention you’ve craved all year long, it even has its own reservoir hat to keep some booze handy (err-heady?) while you party on.

Trump Ride

With this inflatable costume, anyone who said you won’t ever meet the President the United States can go take a long walk off a short cliff because not only did you bring him to the party, he’s carrying you!

Chick Magnet

If you’re the type of person who tries to put in as little effort as possible and still have the best Halloween costume in the party, here’s your next winner costume. You can wear regular comfy clothes, it’s easy to assemble and anyone who doesn’t “get it” isn’t worth your time.

Classic Inflatable T-rex

We’re not really sure what makes this simple inflatable dinosaur costume so funny…but it simply is. Whether it’s T-Rex’s tiny little arms or silly gigantic mouth letting out a silent scream of content at the spooky festivities, you’ll no doubt be the best-dressed mom or dad when it comes to accompanying your kid trick-or-treating.