training mask

Why This Training Mask Will Make You Look Like Bane And Feel Like a Beast

Increase your lung capacity and look badass while you do it with this high-altitude-simulating training mask.

If you’re feeling like you’ve plateaued in your workout routine, this training mask will be instrument that kicks you back into overdrive to carry out your health goals. By simply putting on this mask while you go about your walks, runs or bike rides, you’ll find that breathing becomes a little bit harder—but that’s exactly the point.

When reducing the amount of air flow to your lungs, you’ll be forced to take in more focused and deeper breaths which (over time) will increase your lung capacity. An increased lung capacity means you will have the same results with fewer training time and you’ll be acutely aware of how much easier it is to breathe when you don’t have the mask on (and won’t be panting mid-workout like you find you usually do). In essence, the mask mimics the effect of high altitude training which is great if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere without mountains in sight.