Tetris lamps

These Tetris Lamps Are Funky, Bright…and Can be Re-Arranged!

Purchasing these Tetris lamps not only mean you get to comfortably read a book at your bedside but better yet, you can play Tetris…IRL!

Life’s too short to furnish your home with boring items that won’t get more than a second glance from you and your guests.  When it’s time to furnish your/your kids’ room, try to incorporate both style and function so the room will have plenty of personality without the being just too much. You can achieve this by contrasting a graphic print sheet or by having one 3/4 walls a solid color and the last one covered with beautiful sheets of classy wallpaper. But for a more retro feel, these swanky lamps will do just the trick.

These tetris-inspired lamps are actually seven individual lamps which can come together to form whatever shape your heart desires which, if you’re a fan of tetris, means they need to fit perfectly together like peas in a pod. During the day you or your kids can stack them up and prep them for the night to come and when the sun sets and you turn this lamp on, a kaleidoscope of color will shine on your wall – so it’s like any other ordinary lamp but x1000 cooler. These big, bright blocks are not made of heavy wood but instead of light plastic, making them light enough to be handled by children and so the light can easily shine through.