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Winter is Here: Save 20% on Game of Thrones Gear

If you were one of the 17.4-million people who tuned into the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones last night, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t mind owning some Game of Thrones merchandise. ThinkGeek is currently hosting a sale, offering 20% off Game of Thrones gear from now through April 21 with coupon code: WINTERISHERE.

ThinkGeek offers plenty of merchandise from the award-winning show, no matter which house you hold allegiance to. There’s a replica of Arya Stark’s Needle Sword, or you can get yourself a Targaryen-themed hat. From wallets to backpacks, clothing to toy figurines, ThinkGeek has you covered if you want to start decorating for your next watch party. Just make sure you use the coupon code WINTERISHERE to save 20%.

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