Predator Motorcycle Helmet

This Custom Black Predator Motorcycle Helmet is Not from This World

If you’ve been called “one ugly mother…” by humans like the extraterrestrials in the Predator movies you can find sanctuary and safety in this custom, Black Predator motorcycle helmet.

These high-end bike helmets are made-to-order, taking between 15-25 days for production. Each helmet is handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind, one-off pieces that make for the perfect gift for the Alien or cycling lover in your life.

It’s a full-face, adult helmet with DOT standard as its base. The helmet is molded with fiber resin and air brush painting, giving it the sinister look that frightened millions in the Predator films. The fiber resin gives unmatched durability, meaning this helmet can handle the rigors of alien assaults, or leisurely bike rides around the neighborhood.

This unique, full-faced motorcycle helmet will help you stand out from the crowd – which may be a bad thing if the Alien is on the hunt. Therefore, you should only consider this helmet if you’re planning on cycling or biking with it exclusively, rather than battling new and dangerous life forms.