Best Car Gifts

5 of the Best Car Gifts Your Auto Enthusiast Friend Will Love

Are you in the market for a gift for a car buff in your life?

Do you want them to be genuinely thankful rather than “thankful,” where they open your gift and say “I love it,” but in their eyes you can see both a hint of disappointment and some calculation about how they will re-gift this thing without you ever knowing? Well you’re in luck, because below we’ve picked out 5 can’t-miss gifts that car lovers will actually adore.


For: The Practical Fanatic

What: Car Cleaning Supplies

Any true car enthusiast keeps their ride clean, and not just because it looks good. Good cleaning products protect the car’s paint, which protects the underlying metal.

To keep a good sheen on a car, you need to do more than simply wash it, you gotta detail it. A comprehensive detailing kit is a great gift for the car buff who likes to put in the work to keep their car in peak condition. You’ll want to look for a kit with a mix of sprays, polishes, cleaners and no-scratch towels that the car enthusiast in your life will need to keep their ride looking shiny as heck.


For: The Gamer

What: A Racing Game

Maybe the car fanatic in your life doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to race on the top tracks around the globe. Maybe they don’t have their license yet. Well lucky for them (and you), today’s best racing games do a fantastic job of simulating the experience of racing awesome cars on a great track. Some of our favourites of the last few years include Forza Horizon 3, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and Need for Speed. Oh, and if the racing gamer is really into a more realistic experience, consider pairing one of these gifts with our next idea.


For: The Gamer (Cont’d)

What: Gaming Steering Wheel & Pedals

You can really kick the simulated racing experience up a notch with a steering wheel and pedals. Imagine how much more immersive the experience can be when you’re movements are almost exactly the same as those you’d make if you were literally driving the car IRL. Beyond the immersive experience, these will help any car enthusiast improve their real world driving skills. Seriously! Hot tip: make sure whatever you buy is compatible with the gaming console your giftee uses (XBOX, PC, PS4, etc.).


For: The Real-Life Racer

What: Race Driving Shoes

Yes, race driving shoes. You may be a bit surprised that special shoes exist for the purpose of doing something that doesn’t actually require you to be on your feet, but driving shoes are indeed a thing and a useful one at that. These lightweight shoes are meant to actually make driving easier, thanks to rounded heels to facilitate heel-and-toe driving and narrow soles that help racers avoid getting their feet stuck between pedals.


For: The Documentarian

What: An Action Camera

An action camera has a variety of in-car uses. They’re ideal for recording, reviewing and evaluating high-performance driving techniques, capturing stunts or remarkable scenery on a drive or simply recording in-car commentary. Whichever camera you choose, it’s vital that you also invest in a top-notch car mount, so it can be used to the best of its ability.