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This Amazon Basics Backpack is Prime Budget Gifting for The Frequent Traveler

While not geared towards the true hardcore backpacker, there’s definitely something to be said for the growing product range from Amazon Basics when it comes to travel and adventure. This 75-liter capacity hiking backpack is a killer deal right now, as 48% savings knock its entry price down below $40, which is dirt cheap for this size and style of pack. Averaging 4.2 stars out of 5, the pack takes a hit when reviewers critique its overall construction without considering its point of entry—yes if you load it with over 50lbs of gear its straps will slip a bit, and some of its stitching could stand to be stronger if it’s going to sustain heavy and prolonged use, but for light-duty backpacking it’ll certainly get the job done. If you or someone you know is heading backpacking in the new year, a pack like this will leave you with a bit more coin in your pocket to spend on other travel expenses.

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