This Diecast Model Display Case is a perfect fir for all of your Hot Wheels

Show Off Your Hot Wheels With This Gorgeous Diecast Model Display Case

If you want to proudly display your car collection, this diecast model display case cabinet will keep them in the spotlight with all eyes on them.

We all have hobbies to make our lives a little bit more interesting and fun: some of us like to craft and jump into DIY projects while others like to buy up and collect things that they enjoy such as antiques, shoes, etc. Some of us have never fallen out of love with toys that have entertained us when we were kids and now that we’re older, we collect them: we’re talking about model cars, of course! Ranging in sizes from as small as your finger to as large as half an arm, there are literally thousands of model cars available to be purchased, some more rare and valuable than others. If you have a sizeable collection shoved in the corner of a dark closet somewhere and would love to see them out in the open, this display cabinet will keep them dust-free where all can see.

This handcrafted die cast model display case is meant to hold about 60 smaller car models (think 1/64, which is about 3 inches in length or the size of Hot Wheels) and hung on the wall so it’s off the floor and out of the way but still in view. It is made of furniture-grade beech hardwood and has lockable latches with keys should you like to lock up your rare collection. The display cabinet can be easily screwed into a hallway wall instead of a painting so guests can marvel at your collection or (if you have kids who love to admire their toy cars) you can also hang it up in their bedroom so their cars are easily accessible.
This Diecast Model Display Case will show off your Hotwheels