Best in Flight: Here Are the 10 Coolest Kites on Amazon

Get outside this spring, enjoy some traditional tech and dazzle passersby by bringing some color to the sky.

With warm weather back in season, it’s time to get outside. From biking to hiking, to simply sitting in the grass, taking a few moments — or days — to recover from the winter cooped up inside can do good. Why not take it to the skies? Here are some of the most interesting kite designs you’ll find on Amazon.


10. Rainbow-colored box kite

The box kite is a high-performance kite that’s famous for having a relatively good lift. Invented by Lawrence Hargrave in 1893, it was first intended to carry a person as a manned flight machine. This one won’t take you off the ground, but it’s great for the imagination.

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Premier Kites box kite, $28.95, Amazon


9. Flying ice cream cone with a cherry on top

We all scream for ice cream! Kids will love this delicious-looking kite. It comes with a handy electronic instruction guide and a lifetime guarantee for hours of fun in the sun. Specially designed with simple assembly, it also comes with a child-friendly handle that enables kids under 10 to launch and fly this one on their own.

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A GreatLife sweet ice cream kit, $15.95, Amazon


8. Octopus of the air

The product description says this kite is meant to be an East Pacific red octopus, but it looks more like a squid or jellyfish, at least to me. Whatever you’d like to call it, it’s sure to fly high and catch the attention of bystanders with its large cartoon eyes and long, trailing tentacles.

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Hengda Kite red mollusk octopus kite, $11.88, Amazon


7. Phoenix rising

This stunning parrot design with its large rainbow wingspan and long, trailing tail will draw attention from far and wide as it sails in the sky. Flyers of all skill levels can enjoy this kite with fast assembly.

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Hengda Kite phoenix kite, $17.90, Amazon


6. A rocket ship in orbit

And now for something completely different. The space shuttle kite of the NASA Endeavour offers flyers something on the end of their string that isn’t a bird, abstract shape or sea creature. Made of nylon with fiberglass rods, it’s perfect for astronauts of all ages.

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X-Kites space shuttle kite, $21 $19.99, Amazon


5. An eagle that soars

If big is what you’re looking for, consider this eagle kite. This bird has a wingspan measuring about six feet and despite its size, it’s said to still be easy enough for beginners to fly. The detailed design gives it an almost menacing look when it’s up in the air.

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Hengda Kite eagle kite, $29.85 $16.85, Amazon


4. Friendly Jolly Roger

This kite is a personal favorite. Nothing says magic like a rainbow ship sailing straight across the sky. Multiple sails hoist this 3D kite into the air. Easy to assemble, it can fly in minimal wind and can be handled by children.

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Tresbro sailing ship kite, $33.68, Amazon


3. Polka dot dolphin

A giant red and black spotted 3D dolphin certainly makes a statement. Frameless and made of soft parafoil, it’s perfect for fun on sandy beaches, grasslands and other open spaces.

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Kizh dolphin kite, $18.99, Amazon


2. Dragon

Give people on the ground some serious chills with this imposing dragon kite. A detailed and colorful design make for an amazing spectacle.

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Hengda Kite dragon kite, $14.99, Amazon


1. Free Willy

This one has a design similar to the red and black dolphin. This a 3D soft parafoil kite features a beautiful black and white design of a killer whale. This giant orca kite makes for mesmerizing sight when in flight.

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Hengda Kite black dolphin, $18.90, Amazon


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