Lifestraw Water Filter

Why This $20 LifeStraw Water Filter Is a Must Have For Camping Trips and Survival

You’ll always have clean drinking water thanks to the LifeStraw.

If you’re ever been on a camping/kayaking trip or hiking, you’ll know the importance of having access to clean water not just to bathe and cook with, but to drink, of course! While stream water may be perfectly safe to bathe in, you’ll need to boil the water in order to make it safe to cook with and drink. Fortunately, you’ll be equipped with the tools necessary in order to make a fire and purify the water…but what happens if you aren’t prepared?

Portable Water filter lifestrawWhether you’re facing an emergency situation or simply cannot bring the necessary amount of water in your backpack to hydrate you while you’re on your trip, Life Straw will definitely help you. Requiring absolutely no batteries, LifeStraw has a mesh opening at the bottom which (using your breath at the top of the tube) will suck the dirty water into the tube.

The Life Straw has a hollow fiber membrane which traps pathogens inside and by the time the water makes it into your mouth, it is perfectly filtered and safe for you to drink!  Weighing approximately 56 grams, LifeStraw is extremely light weight, removes 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa and has a lifespan of about 1,000 liters (264 gallons), which is good for at least a year’s worth of water consumption for one person (assuming it is used very frequently).

You can scoop some water up using a container and use the LifeStraw from there or if none is available, simply bend down and drink directly from the water source using the Life Straw and you’ll be instantly hydrated and ready to take on the next leg of your journey!

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