4 Best Pet-Tracking Devices at Best Buy, as Rated by Consumers

Always know where they are and what they’re doing with these devices that go anywhere your furry friend does.

There’s lots of debate over keeping pets indoors versus out. It can depend on where you live, the climate and even size of your yard, height of your fence or how well your pet behaves when you’re not looking. As a pet owner, you have to make a decision that is best for your household and pet. Being able to track their location might assuage some of your fears. Knowing that their safe and active can create peace of mind, whether it’s your cat roaming city streets or dog out guarding the farmyard. With that in mind, we wanted to talk you through the four best-rated (by consumers) activity trackers for pets available at Best Buy:


Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor

The Whistle 3 GPS tracker is “designed to go anywhere your pet goes.” It works by alerting you via email, app or text message if your pet moves beyond a designated area, straying too far. The tracker can also tell you if your pet is active or at rest. Need them to lose some pounds and get in shape? This device could help. It’s worth noting that this device requires you to get a subscription for about $10 a month in order to use it. Water- and shock-resistant, this tracker can weather any storm — although hopefully Spot is already inside when it hits.

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Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor, $79.99, Best Buy


Poof Pea pet activity tracker

Poof’s Pea tracker has an extremely long battery life, lasting for 180 days. Other devices can last only hours before they need recharging, although this battery does need replacing — so it’s less environmentally friendly and if you have young kids, potentially more dangerous. The goal of this tracker is to monitor your pet’s sleep, as well as the number of calories they consume and burn. Water resistant, it can be submerged 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

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Poof Pea pet activity tracker, $39.99, Best Buy


FitBark dog activity monitor

Like a Fitbit for dogs, this activity tracker helps your pet get in shape along with you. You can actually link your Fitbit to it to monitor your dog’s activity along with your own. The device clips onto your dog’s collar, fitting bands up to 1.18-inches wide. The FitBark monitors your pet’s rest, active and play time, and allows you to analyze any behavioral changes in real time. Set healthy goals for them with your vet, and share their progress with friends online via FitBark Explore, a live public digital database.

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FitBark dog activity monitor, $99.95, Best Buy


Poof Bean pet activity tracker

Lightweight and designed with a flexible fit, Poof’s Bean tracker is similar to the Poof Pea pet tracker but offers users a different, smaller shape. Track your pet’s activity, calories consumed and sleep with this device. A long battery life and water resistance makes it comparable to other pet trackers in the same category.

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Poof Bean pet activity tracker, $49.99, Best Buy


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