Best Smart Suitcases

3 Best Smart Suitcases for Seamless Travel

If you want to stay connected, avoid fees for oversized baggage, have your suitcase in the right place at the right time and more, smart luggage is for you.

Traveling can be a breeze, but there’s always a way to make a good thing better. Love a big backpack? Go for it. Flying to Europe with nothing but the shirt on your back, your passport in hand and your wallet? Be my guest, sounds amazing.

With hectic schedules and a desire to get the most out of every waking hour though, some people would love some extra smart technology on their side. If this is you, and you dream of making your journey as easy as possible, check out these 3 best smart suitcases, now on the market:



Bluesmart suitcases have been around for a while and the company is now onto Series 2. Blue, blackish and grey smart suitcases offer travelers an assortment of features that can help make traveling that much smoother.

GPS location tracking allows you to track down your luggage anyplace in the world, at any time, should it go missing. (With all the chaos in airports these days, you know this is an annoying possibility).

If you’re a heavy packer, you can check the weight of your suitcase at any time, to make sure you’re within the limit. You can also remotely lock this suitcase using a smartphone,  and be notified with ‘distance alerts’ if your bag seems to be going someplace you don’t want.

Need to charge your phone? No problem. You can do it up to 6 times over, on this one.



Raden’s smart suitcase is very similar to that of Bluesmart. It can also give you its weight so that you can avoid paying extra fees at check in, has what the company calls ‘location awareness’, and the ability to charge your phone. (Raden offers slightly lower charging with up to 4 phone charges, as opposed to Bluesmart’s 6).

One plus, though, is that Raden’s case comes in a wider assortment of colors. That being said, the company doesn’t sell other accompanying products like a laptop bag, which Bluesmart does.



OK, if you’re going to purchase a Modobag suitcase and use it in the way it was designed to be, you need to feel pretty confident in your own skin. Or, at the very least, have a solid sense of humor.

Modobag is that suitcase that a traveler can sit on and be transported on, around the airport. Hey, why not? It’s a big place, and who has time to wait for personal transportation supplied by the airport itself or airlines, right?

Laughs aside, this suitcase is useful. This motorized bag on wheels is said to be made for ‘daytrippers’ (it’s not that big), and it can get you to your gate, (or someplace else), three times faster than walking. I’ll go with that anytime.

In summary, it’s the world’s first motorized, smart, connected carry-on bag. Thank goodness someone decided we all needed one.


Photo credits: Kaspars Grinvalds/Bigstock