Smart Sleep Gadgets

3 Smart Sleep Gadgets to Help You Wake Up Feeling Amazing

These smart sleep gadgets can imitate a sunrise, charge your phone and cue your coffee maker while waking you up naturally.

How you wake up can make a difference. If you get to bed on time regularly and rise each morning feeling like a kid on Christmas, count yourself lucky and please teach us your secrets.

Many of us find it difficult to get up feeling, well, pleasant. While part of this has to do with a general lack of sleep and that whole morning-people-vs-night-owls thing, some of it can actually be the way you’re forced to get up.

If you have a personal assistant with fresh fruit and your perfect coffee ready in hand to wake you, or a friendly, fluffy dog that licks your face and wags his tail with excitement like he’s just caught his first river trout at 7 a.m, maybe it’s not so bad. Those sound like nice alarms.

But if your method’s more like the condo fire alarm, you might want a change.

Here are 3 devices that can make waking up in the morning a breezy walk in the park, and set you on the right road for success.

Philips Wake Up Light

The Philips Wake Up Light is clinically proven to help you wake up feeling better in the morning. It’s said to make you feel more refreshed and in a better mood, with an improved energy level.

How does it conduct its magic? The light simulates a sunrise and gradually increases in your room for about half an hour before your alarm is set to go off.

The light does come with an FM radio and a “tap-to-snooze” alarm in it, (your choice of a buzzer or one of five different nature-inspired sounds), but the increase in lighting is hopefully tapping into your body’s rhythms, and waking you up gradually before you actually have to get out of bed.

It also comes with a 90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips, so no worries if a sunrise each day isn’t for you.


Beddi Smart Alarm Clock

Beddi’s product does many things. It’s an alarm that gets you out of bed, it’s a charging station for your phone and tablet, and it’s also a smart device that can communicate with other smart home features. This means that it can tell your coffee to start brewing, turn up your thermostat, get the lights going and more if you’ve got smart functions on these things. It can’t fry your eggs, but almost.

Like the Philips light above, this also uses a white light to simulate a sunrise before the alarm goes off. It doesn’t appear to be quite as bright but it’s similar. You can also customize the alarm through the accompanying app, and integrate it with Spotify.


Zeo Personal Sleep Manager

This device connects to your head. It works by monitoring your brainwaves through a headband, and graphing them as you sleep. The Zeo then figures out when the best time to wake you is, by arranging to do it as you flow through a rising crest in your sleep cycle.

It’s said that this allows your body to adjust more easily to being awake. As long as the headband is easy to wear, it can be a good solution to the morning blues.

Photo credits: auremar/Bigstock