Basketball wearables like Hoop Tracker can help you track stats and improve your game.

The 4 Best Basketball Wearables to Help You Score More, Reach Higher and Perfect Your Game

Get technology on your side and improve your stats with immediate feedback from these 4 devices.

It’s fall and basketball season is upon us. The NBA starts its games officially on October 17th, marking the beginning of the association’s exciting 72nd season, with the Cleveland Cavaliers hosting a game against the Boston Celtics in Ohio.

If you play the sport yourself though, your games could be happening year-round. With enough drive, there’s always a chance to get some heart-pounding exercise and wax that friendly rivalry in the driveway or on a neighborhood court.

How can tech help you out? Wilson’s connected basketball provides players with the chance to track shots through an app on a smartphone on any court with a secure net.

94fifty’s smart sensor basketball,  which is currently unavailable at some outlets, also gives players an advantage. Like Wilson’s ball, it gives you instant feedback on every shot and dribble you take.

With today’s tech capabilities you can now use science on a personal level to improve your game. (Not that it needs improving but perfection is an endless pursuit, isn’t it?)

Here are 4 basketball wearables that can help bring you to that next level:

1. Shot Tracker

This device is a wristband that connects with an app on your phone, as well as a net sensor. The wrist sensor tracks your shots automatically, in connection with the net sensor. The mobile app contains workouts and drills designed by professional players, shooting coaches and trainers.

You can track your progress over time, and see what areas need some focus. Great for teams or individuals.

2. Hoop Tracker

Hoop Tracker is similar to Shot Tracker. It helps you analyze your shots through a device worn on your wrist. Unlike Shot Tracker, it looks like a watch and is said to be the first such device on the market. You can also use it to play games through the app, track your progress and do drills. Designed for professionals and casual players alike.

3. SOLIDShot

This device is a sleeve that you wear on your arm. It analyzes the angle you’re shooting at, and can give you instant audio feedback so that you can correct your technique or imitate it on the next shot. Get instant visual feedback through different colored sensors that light up on the sleeve regarding your arm height, elbow position and the snap of your wrist. Perfect for personal practice.

4. Blast Motion Basketball Replay Analyzer

If you’d rather have a wearable that attaches to your clothing, this may be for you. This analyzer attaches to your waistband. It can track your performance metrics like your body’s rotation, acceleration and jump height all in a matter of seconds.

An attractive feature of the Blast smart device is that it creates video clips of your action, allowing you to watch and replay the highlights. As the website says, “The Smart video technology by Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer identifies all your actions and clips all the videos together to create a series of video highlights which contains all your important stats and metrics like vertical height, hang-time, and rotation and jump acceleration etc.” Attractive.