5 Bamboo Speakers and Amplifiers

From acoustic amplifiers to bookshelf speakers, here’s a roundup of the best bamboo audio equipment out there.

It’s not hard to find quality speakers and acoustic amplifiers, but finding the right ones to match your home’s decor is another matter. Depending on your personal taste, you might like having a few black boxes hanging around the corners of your apartment and on tabletops. These can be great additions to your room. If you’re looking for electronics with a more a natural look though, bamboo is an ideal choice. It looks fresh, ages well, and can provide top-notch sound in a variety of ways. Here are five bamboo speakers and amplifiers to consider:


Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth speaker

The Acoustic Acorn made by John Webber of CarvedProducts is available on Etsy. It’s a top-seller that’s been favorited by over 1,000 buyers. The speaker’s beautiful rounded shape allows this device to organically integrate with your home’s decor. It’s wireless, operating on Bluetooth and boasts up to seven continuous hours of playtime. With a 30-foot wireless range and outdoor-readiness, you’ve got a wide range of options for placement. It’s made from real bamboo and can be operated with the flick of a button.

CcarvedProducts Acoustic Acorn bamboo Bluetooth 3.0 speaker, Etsy


Acoustic amplifier for iPhone

Tired of plugging in and recharging batteries? Natural amplification is the answer. This bamboo acoustic speaker made by JTWoodDesigns functions as a phone dock, stand and amplifier for your
iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, 6 Plus or Android smartphone (so long as it’s under 5.2 inches). Simply place your phone inside it upright and hit play for amplified sound.

JTWoodDesigns acoustic speaker, Etsy


Bamboo cane acoustic amplifier

This bamboo cane speaker operates without electricity the same way as the amplifier above does. Just stand your iPhone in the tube and the wood will naturally amplify any sound. It’s an all-natural, no-power needed speaker system. This iBamboo speaker works for iPhone 10, but check TriangleTree’s other listings for models that fit other editions of the iPhone.

TriangleTree iBamboo speaker, Etsy


Kanto bamboo desktop speakers

Sometimes you need a bit more volume. The Kanto YU2 speakers can be connected to your desktop via USB or auxiliary input. These aren’t wireless or made for the outdoors but they can provide you with a stylish and powerful solution indoors. Great for both home and office use.

Kanto YU2 powered desktop speakers, Amazon


Acoustic iPhone speaker stand

Looking for a multi-purpose device? This handmade acoustic speaker (another amplifier with no cables), also serves as a charging and docking station for your iPhone. It’s designed to accommodate any regular sized 5 series or later iPhone. If you have a plus-sized phone the maker states that they can custom design the device to fit. As a plus, the front of each speaker has an original art design on it that was hand cut on a scroll saw by Jay Roberts. For guaranteed authenticity, each piece comes signed.


JMRDesignsOnLine acoustic phone speaker stand, Etsy


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