WatchX is a new programmable wrist wearable.

8 Things to Know About watchX, the World’s First Programmable Wrist Wearable

Program your own games, weather sensor, fitness tracker and more with this ingenious wearable called ‘watchX’.

Wearables now come in all shapes and sizes. It’s amazing what they can do, from tracking your sleep and swimming habits, to telling you when to get pregnant and providing updates on how safe your friend is in this moment at the bar.

Few of them, however, are actually programmable by users. If you’re looking for a new challenge, a hobby or project, or maybe a gift for the un-giftable techie in your circle, check this out.

WatchX is a new gadget being developed in Turkey by a small group of dedicated engineers. It presents itself as a watch but it can be programmed to do what you wish, and it has 20 days to go (at the time of this writing) in a successful Indiegogo campaign.

Specifically, watchX is the “world’s first Arduino/Scratch compatible wrist worn development platform.”

Here are 8 things to know about it, and why you might want to snatch one up:

1. It Could Be a Smartwatch

WatchX is a device that relies on crowd sourcing its capabilities. It comes with a lot of potential in a small package, and part of this is becoming a smartwatch.

If a developer chooses to, a mobile app can be developed to work with watchX, turning it into a smartwatch.

2. It Is a Watch

If you don’t use the device to develop cool new applications that can sit on your wrist, watchX can also be used as a regular time piece.

3. It’s Compatible with Arduino/Scratch/Atmel Studio Programming Interfaces

WatchX comes loaded with Arduino Uno Bootloader for beginner programmers. To program it, you download the Arduino IDE and plug watchX into a USB port. USB drivers will automatically be installed.

From here, users can choose Arduino Uno from tools/boards/arduino uno. You can then write your own code or simply download a sample sketch from the watchX web site and get programming.

4. It Can Be Programmed for Games

WatchX can do whatever your imagination comes up with. Some suggestions from the developers include programming it to house games, be a fitness tracker or something simple like a fridge clock.

5. It Can Also Sense Barometric Pressure and Temperature

Want to forecast the weather? This device also comes with a barometric pressure sensor and a sensor for temperature. If you program it correctly, there might be no need to check the weather channel.

6. It’s NOT Waterproof

Sorry swimmers. Maybe this will change as the device is developed.

7. It Has a Long Lasting Battery

According to its developers, when watchX is in sleep mode the battery can last up to 2.8 years. With typical usage, it can be used for about 15 hours. If your usage is high, it’ll last about 2 hours.

8. You Need to 3D Print Your Own Watch Case

OK, here’s the deal. When you order your watchX it comes with a PCB in ‘watch style’, along with colored straps to attach the device to your wrist and a micro USB cable for programming. It doesn’t have a case.

You can wear it as is, or do some 3D printing with the assistance of watch housing designs ready to download from the company, online. You can print these on any 3D printer and make your own watch case.

Sound like something you need? To learn more about watchX click here.