An image of a hang pouring a full glass of water into the Heatworks Tetra countertop dishwasher.

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Tetra Countertop Dishwasher

Need an all-in-one appliance that can clean your glasses, steam those lobsters, keep the baby bottles sanitized and deal with your dirty baseball hats? Well, it’s here —

and it’s compact enough to sit on your countertop. It may sound too good to be true, but hear me out. If you’re tired of washing dishes but you don’t have the space (or need) for a large, under-the-counter dishwasher, the Tetra is the answer. I wish I’d had my hands on one of these things in my college days.

Made by a crafty team of engineers at Heatworks, the Tetra compact countertop dishwasher is a godsend for those living in small spaces. It will available to consumers in late 2018, and the company says it will cost around $300. Here are six things to know about this amazing invention:


It’s hoseless

This device isn’t totally magical but it can certainly feel like. The Tetra dishwasher sits on your countertop. Simply pour in about two liters of water by hand, turn it on, and voila: your new dishwasher is at work. No need for access to the kitchen sink, or a space to store all those accessories.


It gets very hot without a heating element

This innovative dishwasher is powered by something called Ohmic Array Technology. It uses graphite electrodes and electronic signals to excite the minerals found in your tap water and heats things from there. No heating elements to worry about.


You can cook food in it…

This may sound crazy but apparently you can cook seafood in this puppy. Steamed lobster, anyone? You may wish to rinse the device out thoroughly afterward though, before stacking it full of beer glasses or  item No. 3 below.


Sanitize baby bottles

Who needs a bottle sanitizer? According to the makers of Tetra, since this dishwasher uses patented Ohmic Array Technology (which uses water to produce heat) and there is no heating element, the steam and water is cleaner. Think: A crisp, clean mountain stream and your child getting some of the best-tasting milk around.

FYI: They say you can even wash fruit in the Tetra as well, thanks to a precise temperature control. And if steaming your baseball hats is something you like to do, give it a go. In fact, it really seems like you can put just about anything that can be safely steamed and heated in here. Let your imagination guide you.


It holds more than you think

Resting on your countertop, this looks like a small machine. But once you load it up, its capacity becomes apparent. When it comes to plain-old dishwashing, Tetra can hold two full place settings of tableware or up to 10 dinner plates. It can also house a dozen pint glasses; convenient if you love to host. Not bad for a box on the counter.


It’s fast and green-friendly

Each load takes about 10 minutes, which is pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing is that the detergent you put in doesn’t last for just one cycle but for dozens. Dozens! You save money, time and the environment — all in one go.

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