5 Sneaky Ways to Hide Your Valuables While You Travel

These crafty products are sure to keep your valuables safe when you’re out and about in a new and exciting place.

Don’t let the thought of potential pick-pockets ruin your outing when you’re traveling. With these clever packages, your cash, cards and valuables can be safely stowed and no you won’t have to give them a second thought.


Hairbrush diversion safe

This diversion safe is best used for jewelry or cash, as its small cylindrical opening can hold little else. Having said that, it is perhaps one of the most useful safes in the bunch as the hairbrush is fully functional.

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Stash-It hairbrush diversion safe, $19.99 $13.95, Amazon


Beach vault

The beach vault makes it easy to take a dip in the water without worrying about your personal items being nabbed while your back is turned. Made of silicone, simply screw the vault into the sand, place your items in the water-resistant interior, cover the top with the towel that’s included and voilà!

Shop Item buttonThe Beach Vault, $49, BeachVault

Portable sunscreen safe

For those who only like to pack the essentials, this faux sunscreen bottle can hold some cash, most smartphones as well as your room key. The container’s hard plastic body and watertight seal will keep your valuables protected from accidental drops — on land or in water.

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Bunkerbound Ltd t/a BBTradesales TanSafe portable beach safe, $12.31, Amazon

Smuggler’s belt

This belt keeps your cash as close to your body as possible via a secret zippered pocket on the inside. Available in black and brown, this inconspicuous leather belt features an antique brass buckle.

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Smuggler’s belt, $69.50, Duluth Trading


Water bottle vault

The stealthiest of them all, no one would ever suspect a water bottle to be holding your assets. Thanks the frosted plastic center inserts, you can’t see what’s hiding behind the label, plus this package also comes with a smell-proof bag to keep your items from being flung around and broken.

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HumanFriendly Dasani water bottle diversion safe, $14.99, Amazon


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