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More Leatherman Tools Hit The Discount List

We have a soft spot for Leatherman tools, as much on account of their clever design as for their very respectable bang-for-buck pricing. Each month their deals and promotions change, and this time around a new batch of tools is up on the clearance list, with discounting as low as 40% off. Their custom shop offerings are currently marked down by 25% for those wanting a more personal look for their multitools, and beyond that we’ve narrowed down a brief highlight reel of some of our other favorites that are currently on sale.

Leatherman Juice C4S

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Simple and compact, the Juice C4S is the contemporary interpretation of the classic Leatherman multitool, boasting 15 practical tools in one easy to carry package. Currently discounted by 25%, the C4S is available in either blue or grey handled versions.

Leatherman Cam

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A bit more of a task-specific item, the Leatherman Cam is the perfect companion for bowhunters and archery enthusiasts. The clip-on carry tool includes a bit driver, gut hook, as well as a broadhead sharpener and wrench that allows for easy bow maintenance either a the range or out on the hunt. At only $18, it’s currently 40% off its sticker price.

Leatherman Freestyle

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The Freestyle is effectively a scaled down version of the Leatherman Skeletool that keeps things simple (and on budget). More complex than a simple folding blade, the Freestyle incorporates pliers and wire cutters into the occasion without bulking up your pocket much more than a standard blade would. Though not currently marked down, at $31.96 it’s still a steal in our eyes.