These Fake Parking Tickets are great for freaking out your friends!

Scare Your Friends’ Socks Off With These Hilarious Fake Parking Tickets

If you know someone who can’t park to save their life, these fake parking tickets will scare them straight.

Too often have there been instances where a car has been parked in a place so awful and/or so poorly that we would gladly call the parking enforcement office to gift the driver a beautiful rectangular yellow paper, fining them for their offenses. Unfortunately, that ideal scenario doesn’t usually occur: either parking enforcement shows up late, doesn’t show up at all, etc etc…Should you wish to take matters into your hands, however, and give them a lesson in humility without hurting anyone’s wallet, these fake parking tickets will give them a run for their money.

This pack comes with 100 realistic-looking fake parking tickets that will send the offender’s heart into a nervous flutter as they wonder from afar what the heck they did wrong this time. Surely their triple-parking antics doesn’t deserve a $100 parking fine! You can watch, smirking from afar, as they snatch the ticket and read the back as they try to decipher when the city had changed their parking ticket structure. Then the silent laughter will ensue as they realize too late it is a fake, rip it apart and move their car in fear of receiving a real ticket.  The $15 price tag will definitely be worth the drama!